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Hello and welcome to my Blog & Website.  I am a Homeschool mom of two kids and a wife and I also run an online  Home Based business.

I am working towards being a better Homeschooling mom and Home Based Business Owner,  so on this blog you will find me sharing tips on how I run my business,  along with me sharing my Homeschooling adventures with my two children.

What you should expect from me on this blog:

My goal is to share a variety of different blog post, videos and type written content.

I plan to add content one or two times per week.

Although I am homeschool mom I am new to the world of homeschooling.  This is my second year homeschooling, and it is the first year I am homeschooling two children.

So I will be sharing what is going on in our world of homeschooling.  What’s working and what’s not working.

I am will also be sharing my daily tips on staying motivated in life and business.  And how I am using the guiding principals of  Spiritual and Personal Development, to be a better mom, homeschool teacher, wife, and business owner.

Come follow me on  my journey,









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